A trip to Meghalaya: a journey of self-discovery amidst nature’s bounty.

I arrived in Guwahati at 5:40 am, earlier than expected, and was picked up at the airport by Mustafizur Rattan in his Swift car. On our way, we stopped at Sardarji’s Dhaba for breakfast. I had Chole Bhature and an omelette sandwich.

Umiam Lake is a massive man-made lake created for a hydro-electric project. It offers two types of boating experiences: speed boats and rowing boats accessible only by wheel drive. The speed boat is more popular and easily accessible. I met Softendar at Oman Lake, who has accompanied us everywhere since then. Next, we visited Nartiang, a mini-park. There is a local legend about a man who used to travel from his wife’s home to his parents’ home daily. During the rainy season, he asked his wife for an umbrella, and she told him to take one of the monoliths or rocks lying around, and he did. He used one rock daily and kept it there. In that tribe, the man stays at his wife’s home at night and at his parents’ place during the day.

We visited the 600-year-old Durga Temple, whose Pujari is from Maharashtra and cannot remember their origins. The temple has been renovated 31 times and was last restored in 1987.

We checked into Pine Breeze Guest House in Along, which was a quaint place but did not provide toiletries or towels. After some rest, we went to Jalong Park, a thick forest with the sound of insects. It offers a vantage point to see the paddy fields below meandering.

Myntdu River is a beautiful park with play areas for kids and small bridges over streams in the West Lantia Hills region. In the evening, we had dinner at the Dhaba, which included everything with surcharge. Money was required for parking, entry, etc. which some might find a bit expensive. Unfortunately, the speed boat required a group of ten people, which was ridiculous. We had to form our group, which was not helpful.

At the checkpoint, there was a registration of vehicle and persons. The boy at the help desk was very helpful. 

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  1. A trip to Meghalaya:Were you only for a day at Shillong.
    Did you not visit Sohra ,the cleanest village,Mawlynnong
    Anyway I didn’t do much at Shillong.Spent most of my time at Sohra and did the unforgettable double root bridge trek

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